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The Business Agility presentation was awesome. The reports on tensions, domains and behavior are very useful. Management needs to focus on the people to make a company work. Seems like a theme from the last two speakers. Very encouraging to hear the shift… not how to make it happen is the great challenge

– Patricia F.

I am enjoying the diversity of subjects in these presentations. The program delivers excellent materials and very informative takeaways related to Agile and current technological and business advancements (ML, Business Agility, Cultural mindsets)! Thank you very much!

– Elsa K.

You will not be disappointed with the time and money spent on this conference = well worth it!  I have been coming for years.

– Donna Cweklinsky

Once again, IIL’s Agile & Scrum 2023 Day provided an array of highly valuable presentations.  Enlightened and enthusiastic presenters shared information detailed enough to be able use in making change.  A wonderful day!  Thank you!  Jackie Cyrulik

– Jacqueline Cyrulik

The Agile Conference hosted by IIL is a great way for thought leaders to connect with project management practitioners to learn, discuss and develop together.

– Rashpal Takhar

The event is perfectly designed, very user friendly UX/UI. Content and visuals were great for the keynotes and presentations. Thanks!

– Sakshi Sawhney

Great presentation. I see that employees are getting frustrated because some are doing more work and getting paid the same or less then some who are not doing as much work. Wages in NY is an issue, but we all have to be grateful for being able to work and keep the roof over our head.

– Jennifer D’Asaro

Awesome presentation. I appreciate how he was able to clearly articulate the issues we are facing in our industry. The employees who have stuck it out through all of this i see are becoming increasingly resentful because all the effort seems to be focused on attracting the new and not rewarding those that stayed.

– Cynthia Condrey

This presentation raises many good points and challenges. Especially the wage issues and how to really define a culture and not be changing it with the wind.

– Kathleen Jonas

Shannon Huffman Polson is really great at telling a story!

So, a lot of what she is saying relates to being agile and a great leader. When you are a scrum master, all of this is relevant.

When you are learning about agile and scrum, it isn’t always about how to follow the manifesto, principles, and the events, etc., it is also about the soft skills.

– Lisa Komidar

I’d have to agree with Shannon Huffman Polson and “Grit” … taking care of your people no matter what you’re doing is very important. You take care of them; they’ll take care of the work… I like the empowerment!

The conference has a lot of great presentations and keynote speakers. I’m looking forward to the rest of the day. Glad I’m here.

– Patricia Ford

This is great content, and it seems the focus is on soft skills which are huge in project management.

– Hanna Kinsinger

I also agree with Shannon. The team needs to be encouraged to own the project and work together with respect to solve the problems.

Very inspirational and very motivating speaker.

What a fantastic presentation! Having a business agility holds more space for continuous agility toward what has been thought to be tried and true to what can be possible with trying and have true results.

– Eileen Morrow

Hi from Saudi. Great session.

Shannon Huffman Polson is doing great explaining the purpose mindset.

– Adel Al-Modhhi

Amazing personal story!

I also enjoyed the Your Boss is Data Keynote – great information.

– Mindy Hilbert

Thanks for your time and dedication, Shannon Huffman Polson. Very inspiring presentation.

– Candelaria Velasquez

Ahmed Sidky offers a compelling argument – data driven – approach for business agility. His message of “need to measure” is consistent with the approach he is presenting.

– Carl Hordesky

Huge aha moment for me “measuring agility is NOT measuring performance”

– Bill Stowell

Very nice presentation. I enjoyed Ahmed Sidky’s analogy comparing measuring agility displaying the athletes. Just as he said with the tires, you can have the best athlete on a team, however it all comes down to how the team performs. Great presentation.

– Antonio Sandoval

Great point about leaders modelling the required behaviours.

Great presentation, safety is key to try new things.

– Rashpal Takhar

The presentation is compelling, and Shannon’s accomplishments are remarkable. The presentation offered several tools for dealing with adversity by remaining focused.

– Eileen Morrow

I like Shannon’s statement that people who do hard things get better at doing hard things.

– Angela Huffmon

Shannon Polson’s presentation had a good message: take care of the team no matter how quickly you are moving in the Agile World.

– Manoj Das

My key takeaway was the importance of still using a hybrid approach of the 3 methods – Lean, Classic and Agile, as opposed to just using one method.

– Paula Epstein

great presentation on AI – will email Dawn to follow up on today’s presentation.

– Rashpal Takhar

I am not disappointed AT ALL…. The information, presentations and speakers are very informative. I like the information and think it’s definitely worth sharing with my organization.

– Patricia Ford

Appreciated the presentation today. Learned lots of useful tools/approaches which could be implemented today.

– Karen Dobbins

People don’t really cover Empathy as communication skill. I think this is great! It’s not always work work work, on the other end is a human being who is treated with dignity and respect with right human communication skills that include EMPATHY.

Very nice presentation. Thank you!

– Usha Rishi

Shannon is a great storyteller and can really teach the world on soft skills needed to be agile.

– Lisa Komidar

This was a great course and I plan to apply a lot of this at home. So good I will have to watch it again.

– Stephanie Evans

I actually tried some of the “do not try this at home” projects from TV! Loved the presentation!!

– Bill Stowell

Good morning from Washington D.C. Very informative session!

– Valarie Bolling

Thank you very much for sharing this valuable knowledge.

– Antonio Sandoval

Lot of great analogies from Dr. Sidky’s presentation.

– Bill Stowell

Great presentation by Shannon. Very empowering.

– Mary Kamau

Excellent highly valuable information. Thank you!

– Jacqueline Cyrulik

Love the emphasis on behaviors. Great presentation.

– Janice Steeves

Great presentation by Ahmed – mind set shift indeed

– Mary Kamau

Hello from Indiana. Very interesting presentations. A lot of information.

– Luciana


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