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Agile for Business Teams: A Novel Approach

About the Presentation

Scrum works very well within product development teams, but have you ever tried to implement Scrum within a business team? It will work, but it’s not a great fit. Business teams have unique characteristics and challenges that distinguish them from product development teams such as multiple concurrent types of work, deadlines and waiting periods, unavoidable dependencies, and so on. A different type of work mix requires a slightly different approach. In this session Xavier will explore the key differences and patterns that appear when implementing business agility with operational teams and present some proven ideas that you can try in order to be more successful.  

Key Takeaways

  • Define business teams and distinguish how they are different than Product Development teams.  
  • Discuss why Scrum and Kanban are not always a great fit for business teams. 
  • Explain modifications that can be useful for business teams when implementing Scrum. 

About The Speaker

Xavier Quesada-Allué is a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainer ®, Certified Enterprise Agile Coach, member of the Scrum Alliance TAC, and Agile Leadership Journey guide, and Founding Partner at Agilar, a leading European agile consultancy. Having 18 years of active engagement in the international Agile community, Xavier is a champion for creating health, innovative, and modern work cultures. He is the author of the “Visual Management blog”, and the co-creator of the ViMa agile framework.  

Xavier Quesada Allue

Xavier Quesada-Allué

Founder & Managing Partner

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