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Making the Most of Virtual Meetings

With Harry Rever

About the Webinar

It’s easy for meetings and discussions in a virtual environment to become routine, sterile, predictable, or downright boring. Unlike traditional meetings where it’s easier to establish rapport, develop relationships and have more personal conversations, the virtual world makes these important personal interactions more difficult, if not impossible.

This webinar will offer practical suggestions and ideas to help groups and project teams establish and maintain rapport as well as keep virtual meetings more interesting and fun. Networking and interacting during virtual meetings can be challenging, but if groups and teams make an effort to incorporate a few basic relationship tactics, those boring virtual meetings can become a thing of the past.

What You Will Learn

After this one-hour session, learners will be able to:

  • Understand the typical challenges and limitations of virtual meetings and how to successfully overcome these obstacles
  • Have insight into several communication options that could help with online interaction during meetings and calls
  • Recognize the importance of proactive facilitation techniques to help keep virtual meetings interactive, interesting, and fun
  • Incorporate training, coaching, and peer review opportunities into virtual meetings to enhance participant engagement while at the same time developing personnel

This webinar will provide 1.0 Leadership PDU.



Harry Rever
Harry Rever is a dynamic presenter and practitioner of Six Sigma and Project Management with an innate ability to teach the concepts of quality improvement in an understandable and more importantly, applicable manner. With over 25 as a project manager, process improvement consultant and trainer, Harry has numerous examples of what works (and what doesn’t) when managing projects and applying statistical process improvement concepts.

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