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Grateful Leadership™ for Enhanced Safety and Quality Control in Manufacturing

Michelle Jimenez

HR Manager,
Structural OpCo, LLC

About the Presentation

In today’s manufacturing industry, the dual pillars of safety and quality control are paramount. This course leverages the principles of Grateful Leadership to create a culture where employees feel valued, motivated, and accountable, ultimately leading to superior safety practices and stringent quality control standards. 

Participants will be introduced to the core tenant of Grateful Leadership, which emphasizes the power of acknowledgement and recognition to inspire excellence. Through a combination of theoretical concepts and practical applications, this course will explore how fostering a culture of gratitude can significantly improve operational safety and quality outcomes.  

Key Takeaways

  • Learn the foundational concepts of Grateful Leadership and how acknowledgement and recognition contribute to a positive and proactive workplace environment 
  • Discover how Grateful Leadership can transform safety and quality control from mere compliance issues into integral components of organizational culture 
  • Gain practical tools and strategies for recognizing and rewarding behaviors that enhance safety and quality, thereby encouraging ongoing improvement and vigilance 

About Michelle Jimenez

Dan Foglia has spent the last 15 years, working as an executive HR specialist. His professional journey is marked by significant roles, including as the Head of Employee Relations at Guardian Life, as well as serving as an adjunct instructor and teacher at Rutgers University. Dan has also demonstrated his commitment to community service as the Vice President of the Board of Directors and HR consultant for Habitat for Humanity. Prior to his career in HR, he honed his leadership skills as a Sergeant in the U.S. Army. Dan excels in influencing people and driving organization-wide change. 

 His educational background includes a BA in Justice Studies and Sociology and an MBA in Healthcare Administration. He is a Certified Professional through the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM-CP), a Certified Diversity Equity Inclusion Specialist (DEI), and a Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional (CCEP). 


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