Leadership and Innovation 2023 Online Conference

Leadership and Innovation 2023

Jacqueline Dennis, Leadership and Innovation 2023 free course

Intercultural Competence

Jacqueline Dennis

Trainer, International Institute for Learning (IIL)

About the Course

In a world that conducts business across continents and geographical borders, more than ever it is essential for team and organizational leaders to not only understand but also embrace the diversity of cultures; this is intercultural competence.

Intercultural competence gives one the ability to effectively and appropriately communicate with people from other cultures in a competitively complex world.

The participant in this program will gain cultural insights needed to build intercultural teams and navigate cultural diversities, without knowingly violating what are deemed to be acceptable or unacceptable cultural norms.

What You Will Learn

  • Articulate on the meaning of culture and intercultural competence
  • Express the importance of body language and appropriately demonstrate its emblems
  • Describe three cultural models and consider their application in assimilating cultural behaviors
  • Define emotional intelligence and explain how it is linked to cultural intelligence
  • Examine the four cultural intelligence capabilities and give examples of how each is developed
  • Develop a personal cultural profile and compare its dimensions to gain an appreciation for intercultural competence

About Jacqueline Dennis

Jacqueline Dennis is a Project Management Professional with experience that encompasses technical, instructional, and soft science skill sets. Her technical experience spans multiple industries, i.e., education, software, technology, and telecommunications, which includes research and development, as well as managing projects, and programs in an Information Technology (IT) project portfolio for a state government authority.