Leadership and Innovation 2024
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Thomas Loughlin, , Leadership and Innovation 2023 Presenter

Green Skills Crisis? Filling the Green Skills Talent Gap

Thomas Loughlin

Executive Director, Engineers for a Sustainable World

About the Presentation

The transition to a green and greening economy is well underway fueled by innovations in nearly every field from power generation and distribution to packaging and logistics along with ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) demanding action and attention in boardrooms everywhere. This is good news, however, per the LinkedIn Green Skills report, “The hard truth is that right now we are nowhere close to having sufficient green talent, green skills or green jobs to deliver the green transition.” you will be impacted whether you’re in a green industry or not. In this session, you will get the facts about this seismic shift taking place in the workforce. Learn what green and greening skills are, why they’re significant and how they are acquired.

About Thomas Loughlin

Thomas works to advance green jobs sustainability and climate initiatives through communication and collaboration with social enterprises and non-profit organizations. He is currently the executive director for Engineers for a Sustainable World. ESW is a growing, student-based non-profit comprised of 1,500 Engineering and Technical students leading community-based sustainability projects on 45 University campuses in the US and Canada.

Previously, he was the Executive Director and CEO of ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers), a global membership, standards and educational organization. A leader in association management, Thomas has served as the President/Board Chair of CESSE (Council on Engineering & Scientific Society Executives), an advisor to the digitalNow conference, and co-author of the Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment research report.

He is a frequent blogger and speaker on trends in green jobs. Thomas has acted as advisor and board member for several private companies and non-profit organizations. Thomas holds five patents in the field of physical security. He is a Fellow of ASME and member of the Pan-American Academy of Engineering.