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The Science of Confidence: And the Key to Being Agile

About the Presentation

As a project manager, scrum master, or any other type of leader, you will be challenged to manage people who don’t report to you. By understanding how confidence works in everyone’s brain, you can better control your own behavior and influence other people’s. In this session, Alyssa discusses the science and secrets needed to develop strong sustainable real confidence that will enable you to be an inspiring, respected, and impactful leader.  

Key Takeaways

  • Never mistake faked or superficial confidence for real confidence.  
  • Use simple mindshifts to comfortably act, react, and interact with others.  
  • Stay calm when confronted with challenging situations or people.  

About The Speaker

Confidence Crusader, Nuero Nerd, and Success Equalizer, Alyssa Dver leads the American Confidence Institute and the global association ERG Leadership Alliance that directly helps all workplaces be more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. She received a Stevie Award for Thought Leadership, has two TEDx talks, hosts the popular podcasts Real Confidence and Distilled Confidence, and authored 8 expert-endorsed books including Confidence is a Choice: Real Science, Superhero Impact, and ERG Intelligence. She can be seen delivering 150+ talks a year, coaching at MIT and Wharton innovation centers and as a spokesperson for both L’Oreal’s IT Cosmetics brand and The American Distilling Institute.

Alyssa Dver

Alyssa Dver

CEO & Founder
American Confidence Institute

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