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The IIL Difference

Blended Learning Solutions

One size does not fit all.
Just like fingerprints, every person, team, and organization is unique.

Enter IIL’s Blended Learning Solutions. Our core strength lies in the ability to listen to and craft fit-for-purpose solutions for our clients.

Benefit from a Learning Journey unique to you. Our team of content specialists, instructional designers, and project managers will architect a Learning Journey that combines the best methods and components to support your organizational and cultural needs.

  •  Traditional Classroom
  •  Live, Virtual Classroom
  •  Self-Paced, Interactive Online Learning (Asynchronous)
  •  Customizable 360° Assessments
  •  Coaching and Mentoring
  •  Digital Media – Webinars and Videos
  •  Knowledge Checks

Whatever your goal is, we can help you achieve it. From enabling teams to transition to an agile framework, to rolling out dynamic project management practices, to facilitating an extensive change management process, there is little that we can’t do in the way of learning.

Blended Learning Solutions – request a free consultation today

For a free consultation please fill out the form, email [email protected] or call +1 (212) 758-0177. 

Core Values

“Intelligence, Integrity and Innovation” is more than just our motto – it is a statement that defines who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Comittment to Partnership

We are committed to guiding our clients on the path to improved performance. When we partner with you, we are a partner for life.

Decades of Experience

For over 30 years, we have worked with clients in diverse industries including Financial, Technology, Oil and Gas, Government, and Telecommunications.

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Client Testimonial:

“IIL has helped GE employees throughout our global organization to improve their competencies in areas like project management, business analysis, leadership skills, and Agile & Scrum. Throughout our partnership, we’ve found that IIL is just as invested in the success of GE—consulting with us to understand what we need, and delivering it with ease, speed and expert customer focus.”

– Sara Ley, Digital Learning and Technology Leader, GE Corporate

Blended Learning Success Stories

Case Study #1: "First-Time Managers"

The Challenge

A leading IT Solution Provider (ITSP) was challenged with helping new managers adopt a mindset of moving from the role of an individual contributor to a team manager. The ITSP needed to train new leaders throughout the US, Latin America, and Canada and get them up to speed with leadership skills.

Skill sets to be addressed included People Management, Planning and Prioritization, Team Communication, and Goal Setting.

The Solution

IIL designed and developed the First-Time Manager Program, a 14-week multi-touchpoint learning journey which includes:

  • Pre- and post-assessments within the four identified competency domains
  • Program orientation
  • 2-day onsite workshop
  • Virtual Critical Thinking workshop
  • Participants’ actual project work
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Final project presentations

Case Study #2: "Organizational Changes"

The Challenge

A drug trial organization sought to achieve global organizational changes including:

  • Enhancing collaborative cross-organizational operation
  • Integrating project management best practices and principles
  • Building and maturing leadership and decision-making competencies
  • Retraining and expanding market share
  • Taking on more outsourcing from clients

Skill sets to be addressed included People Management, Team Development, Project Management, and Communication.

The Solution

IIL collaborated with the client to create and deliver a multi-year development and learning solution, which incorporated an end-to-end coaching and mentoring solution.

The partnership was launched with a week-long elicitation workshop with client’s business leadership team and senior management to formulate a strategy for success.

Case Study #3: "PMO Leadership Skills"

The Challenge

A health services organization wanted to build the leadership skills of their project managers and project directors within the IT Project Management Office (PMO) and create an internal mentoring and coaching program, but they were unsure of how or where to start.

The framework of competencies utilized by the larger organization did not sufficiently address the unique skills and abilities needed for project managers to succeed as leaders.

The client was looking for a turnkey solution that included:

  • Involvement of their internal coaches throughout
  • Competency definition mapped to their job roles
  • A 360° multi-rater assessment
  • Customized training based on the results of the assessment
The Solution

IIL integrated the client’s key organizational competencies into our 5-level framework and conducted a 360 Project Management assessment throughout the IT PMO. Based on the results of that assessment and input from key stakeholders, we designed and developed a customized two-day workshop addressing the competencies they needed to grow.

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