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A PMO for Agile Projects:
Not an Oxymoron!

With Rubin Jen

About the Webinar

“Agile projects need to report to the PMO” – how does this statement make you feel? 

Anxious? Frustrated?  Anticipating a fight? There’s likely to be resistance.  The reality is, all projects, even Agile ones, should have supports to be successful.  But at the same time, PMOs can’t remain the same and expect Agilists to just comply; PMOs also need to change and adapt. 

In this webinar: 
We’ll review the types of PMOs and what benefit they bring to an organization, but then also their place in an Agile environment.  We’ll investigate the value they need to have for Agile projects.  And finally, we’ll provide a few examples of value-added services that can assist.  

What You Will Learn

After this one-hour session, learners will be able to:  

  • Describe the different types of PMOs and their fit in the Agile world 
  • Identify the value that PMOs must bring to be relevant 
  • Consider PMO services that support Agile project success 

This webinar will provide up to 1.0 PDU.


Rubin Jen - Agile and Scrum 2023 presenter - free course

Rubin Jen
Rubin is a coach, consultant, and trainer with over 25years of experience and success in Agile, traditional project, program, and portfolio management. Rubin is also a Disciplined Agile Certified Instructor and Certified ScrumMaster and specializes in organizations transitioning to an Agile environment. Rubin is one of the top instructors in the world, independently validated by Course Conductor.

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