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Exploring the 3rd Alternative in Negotiation

With Christa Kirby

About the Webinar

In “hard” negotiation, negotiators tend to lock themselves into positions. There is a successive taking and giving up, with more attention paid to the positions than the outcome itself. This creates a win/lose scenario.

“Soft” negotiation, on the other hand, emphasizes maintaining the relationship between the two parties over achieving victory over the other. This also creates a win/lose scenario.

This webinar explores Stephen Covey’s “3rd Alternative,” which goes beyond simply unmasking the needs of the other party to create a win/win outcome; it involves a paradigm shift wherein opposing parties use synergy to transcend a conflict and create something new.

What You Will Learn

In this one-hour session, you will learn how to:

  • Explain various ways to enhance self-awareness
  • Recognize the importance of deliberately seeking out views different from your own
  • Articulate the difference between two- and three-alternative thinking
  • Define the concept of synergy with regard to relationship building
  • List the four steps to creating synergy

This webinar will provide up to 1.0 leadership PDU.



Christa Kirby
With a BA from Duke University and a MA from New York University, Christa Kirby (Global Practice Director – Leadership and VP of Global Learning Innovation at IIL) is an experienced Communications professional as well as a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist and trainer. For the past decade, Christa has conducted workshops and led trainings for corporations, non-governmental organizations and foundations in countries including Afghanistan, Bosnia, Croatia, Romania, Ethiopia, Greece and the US. Her specialty areas of focus are team-building, leadership, conflict resolution, effective communication, cross-cultural communication and peace building.

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