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It’s All About the People: Don’t Be a Soul-Sucking CEO –
Be a Grateful/Servant Leader Instead!

With Garry Ridge and Judy Umlas

About this Free Webinar:

It’s often said, with nods of wise agreement, that any organization is nothing without its people. Countless books and courses on leadership, over many decades, address this well-known and accepted axiom.

Then why are nearly 70% of all employees in the U.S. disengaged at work? Clearly, the conferences, books, courses and motivational speakers are insufficient to make a difference.

This session by WD-40 Company Chairman and CEO Garry Ridge will be a look “under the hood” of one of the world’s most recognized brands, where employee engagement is above 93%, 98% say they “love to work at WD-40 Company”, and 99% say that their “opinions and values are a good fit” for WD-40 Company. This high engagement has resulted in a company that has doubled in revenue in the last decade and is on a trajectory to double again in the next.

Garry will share his company’s “learning moments” over the course of his efforts to transform the company’s culture, beginning in 1997. Lessons and principles covered include:

  • The personal journey of every Grateful/Servant leader, and why these philosophies, and behavioral change models are critical
  • The emotional connection of a greater purpose that creates high engagement
  • How to carefully and consciously choose values that will be embedded in all aspects of leadership and employee development
  • Why investing in people who invest in themselves is a secret to succession planning and greater organizational capability
  • The difference between a “team” and a “tribe”, and why WD-40 Company strove to create a cohesive tribe that spans 15 countries where employees work
  • How company performance results are directly connected to its focus on people

What You Will Learn

  • How to create a state of engagement for your employees
  • How to create a culture in which employee satisfaction if almost universal
  • How to retain your employees and keep them motivated
  • Understand the factors shaping the knowledge-based economy and the importance of appreciation.
  • Recognize the mindset and capabilities necessary for creating and sustaining a successful team.
  • Describe the six dimensions that matter for mission-based work.
  • Implement at least one successful leadership strategy for immediate use in their project teams.

This webinar will provide up to 1.0 PDU.



Garry Ridge
CEO & Chairman, WD-40


Judith W. Umlas
Senior Vice President, IIL

Judith W. Umlas is Senior Vice President and Trainer at IIL, and the author of Grateful Leadership and the Power of Acknowledgment. Learn more by visiting the Center for Grateful Leadership website.

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