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Understanding Project Management Metrics, KPIs, and Dashboards

With Dr. Harold Kerzner

About the Webinar

For more than four decades, we relied on two metrics to manage a project: time and cost.

Today, we have as many as fifty metrics on a project. Each project can have a different set of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), as well as different dashboard reporting requirements.  We are also creating value-reflective or value-based metrics that can measure the value of the project as it progresses. Why are we doing this?

Because measuring and reporting value metrics improves client satisfaction and leads to more business.

Because metrics and KPIs, if used correctly, allow for informed decision making and improved performance.

What You Will Learn


  • The difference between metrics and KPIs
  • The importance of value-reflective metrics
  • Establishing metric targets
  • Metric measurement techniques
  • The laws of dashboard design
  • Examples of project management dashboards and dashboard images
  • Overcoming issues accompanying the use of dashboards

This webinar will provide up to 1.0 PDU.


Dr. kerzner - Picture
Dr. Harold Kerzner
Harold Kerzner, M.S., Ph.D., Engineering, and M.B.A, is IIL’s Senior Executive Director for Project Management and a globally recognized expert on project management and strategic planning. He is the author of many best-selling textbooks including Project Management 2.0 and Project Management Best Practices: Achieving Global Excellence. Dr. Kerzner has previously taught project management and business administration at Baldwin-Wallace University, engineering at the University of Illinois and business administration at Utah State University. He obtained his industrial experience at Thiokol Corporation where he held both program management and project engineering responsibilities on a variety of NASA, Air Force, Army, Navy, and internal R&D programs.

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