IPM Day 2022 Testimonials

Candy Velasquez

“IPM Day 2022 was my first time attending an IIL event. I’m thankful for the opportunity to attend all the keynotes, watch the videos on demand and participate in the amazing Q/A sessions with these talented speakers.

I’m looking forward to completing all other On Demand videos, the free courses, and sign up for additional training to continue expanding my PM knowledge. This conference was a great experience and an eye opener to continue striving and evolving in the Project Management field.

Overall, I can’t wait to continue learning and I’d like to THANK everyone who worked hard to make this virtual conference possible.”

Hazel Johnson

“Great place for learning Project Management and understanding how to thrive on a project. One of the best user-friendly websites and I really enjoyed attending International Project Management Day.”

Matina Clemente

“Engaging, thought provoking content, hight caliber speakers and panels. Worth the time investment. A bit of learning curve for first timers to find where everything lives and how it works but, all in all, an exciting day. Thank you!”

Nnenna Azuka-Onwuka
“So far, it has been an amazing online conference. It feels very in-person and so engaging on all fronts. I have no regrets being a participant”
Pauline R
“This is my first IPM conference and it will NOT be the last!! The speakers, the layout and the interaction are phenomenal. They have dropped so many gems.”
Karminna Ramdhan
“Many things learned that were not taught in the classroom. Also gained a lot of wisdom in managing projects, people, time, knowledge, and most importantly my health.”
Andrew Javni
“Great Keynotes and sessions. Topics are timely and reflect current realities and evolution of project management practices.”
Teresa Asebrook
“I find the IIL’s project management content very high quality and relevant. Keep up the good work!”
Dr. Troy Joyner
“First-time conference attendee. I enjoyed each keynote and currently enjoying jazz from Birdland!”
Gregory Grodzicki
“What an awesome International Project Management Day 2022. Great work on the content and speakers!!”
Dipak P
“This has been a wonderful online conference, learning lots and saying HI to many people of interest”
Lisa Shivers
“The platform, speakers and value I gain out of attending events and working with the personnel is exceptional.”
Sara Guerin
“Amazing speakers and information shared ! Well worth investing time to do !”
Jeremy Noteboom
“This was a wonderful experience! The content was great and very helpful!”
Jonathan Mertz
“Another great IPM conference.”