International Project
Management Day 2023

Introducing IPM Day 2023 Unlimited License

Discover why leading organizations are embracing IPM Day 2023 as the must-attend online conference of the year!

On November 2nd, the virtual doors open, and a world of learning unfolds. Our Unlimited License, brings learning and growth opportunities to every member of your project and agile teams at an amazing price. Let’s empower everyone to thrive, evolve, and chart a successful path forward – together.

You will hear from senior project and program practitioners at Google, Bank of America, Salesforce, Atlassian, IBM, and many more!

Our program also includes Dr. Harold Kerzner, a globally recognized expert on project management and strategic planning, as well as a special panel focusing on Artificial Intelligence in Project Management.

You will not want to miss our closing keynote this year with Benjamin Zander, Boston Philharmonic Conductor and co-author of The Art of Possibility. Zander will take us on a journey that opens a new perspective on life – everything! Leadership, teamwork, creativity, partnership, music, and love. An intimate experience that causes a radical shift in perception – using the metaphor of the orchestra and a life-time of experience conducting, coaching and teaching musicians to teach audiences to overcome barriers to productivity.

What are the key benefits of purchasing an Unlimited License for IPM Day 2023?

Imagine this: For just a fraction of the cost, you can provide full online access to over 100+ individuals, saving up to 80% off regular individual pricing. Join us at IPM Day 2023 and empower every team member to thrive, evolve, and chart a successful path forward – together.

  • 5 Keynotes, 20+ Presentations and the latest trends and practices in Project Management and Agile
  • 2 FREE Self-Paced Courses:
    • Kanban: A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started
    • Understanding Lean Fundamentals
  • Your Company automatically becomes a Sponsor of the event.
  • All attendees will have 90 days of full access, so no need to disrupt work schedules.
  • Up to 26 PDUs for all participants
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Barry Milhaven

Online Conference Relationship Manager

SITA's Success Story with IIL’s Unlimited License

“…This virtual conference has become a key aspect of SITA’s annual learning plan as we work to strengthen competencies, enhance leadership qualities, and create a platform for driving our Project Management maturity. The benefit of purchasing unlimited licenses enables SITA’s Project Management professionals to learn and refresh their training and certification needs at their convenience; this is the perfect approach for our busy Project Managers.”

– Glen Schipf, Project Management and Delivery Practice, SITA



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