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International Project
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BRM Unleashed: Predicting Project Success through Relationship Intelligence

Darrel Popowich

Chief Visionary Officer & COO
BRM Institute
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About the Presentation

Picture this: you’re about to step into a crucial decision-making session, and your C-suite executive pulls you aside, posing a pivotal question, “Can we guarantee the success of this program if I give it the green light?” You’ve observed patterns in past successes, and this situation feels promising. Your gut instinct screams, “It’s foolproof!” But you hesitate, wary of uncertainty. What if there was a way to peer into the future with unwavering confidence? What if you could gauge the strength of relationships among stakeholders and influencers, turning it into a skill to accurately forecast organizational triumphs? 

In this talk, discover how Business Relationship Management (BRM) can be your superpower in the realm of project management. Learn to navigate the intricacies of measuring relationship dynamics, unveiling the secrets to predicting project outcomes with precision. Join our session tailored for Project Managers and equip yourself with the tools to confidently answer those critical questions, ensuring your projects not only thrive but exceed expectations. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your approach to project management and elevate your success rates.  

Key Takeaways

  • Explore the Science of Relationships: Delve into the nuances of relationships by understanding measurable characteristics that can be pivotal in project success. 
  • Decipher the Psychology of Decision-Making: Grasp the link between individual behavior traits and the intricate web of decision-making, unraveling the mysteries behind fostering meaningful professional relationships. 
  • Polish Your Executive Presence: Gain valuable insights into the significance of Executive Presence and uncover strategies to enhance it, empowering you to influence outcomes and drive projects to success. 

About Darrel Popowich

Darrel Popowich is a seasoned executive with a remarkable 30-year journey in the technology sector. With a passion for leadership and business relationship management (BRM), Darrel has held pivotal roles, including CIO and H&R Block Canada. His prowess is converging technology and business objectives has led him to coach executives globally and speak at renowned CIO conferences. Presently, as the Chief Visionary Officer & COO at the BRM institute, Darrel continues to drive innovation, leveraging his extensive leadership experience. With a reputation for visionary insights and fostering collaboration, Darrel stands as a beacon of excellence in bridging leadership and business domains.