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Leadership and Innovation 2024
Online Conference

Mentorship in Tech Driving Innovation and Inclusion.

About the Presentation

In today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, mentorship stands as a cornerstone for empowering the next generation of innovators. Join Adebola Olomo, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in technology and leadership, as she unravels the transformative potential of mentorship within project management. With insights garnered from her journey at HubSpot, a decade-long tenure as the MD/CEO of Deefrent Media Agency, and her role as the Communications Director for Women in AI Ireland, Adebola will guide participants through the art of cultivating innovation through mentorship. 

This session will delve into the pivotal role mentors play in fostering collaboration, encouraging fresh perspectives, and driving efficient project management practices. Discover how mentorship enhances leadership skills, boosts team morale, and ultimately contributes to a more empowered, diverse, and agile project management ecosystem. Adebola will share practical strategies, personal anecdotes, and actionable insights to ignite your journey as a mentor or mentee, amplifying your impact within the realm of project management. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Power of Guided Growth: Learn how mentorship can accelerate personal and professional development, enabling you to harness your full potential within project management. 
  • Nurturing a Culture of Innovation: Gain insights into how mentorship fosters a collaborative environment that encourages novel ideas, adaptive problem-solving, and effective communication. 
  • Empowerment through Shared Wisdom: Explore how the exchange of knowledge between mentors and mentees drives efficient project management, enhancing team dynamics and performance. 
  • Driving Inclusion and Diversity: Discover how mentorship serves as a catalyst for inclusivity, bridging gaps and empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds to actively contribute to successful project outcomes.

About Adebola Olomo

Adebola Olomo, a tech enthusiast and law graduate, brings a decade of diverse experience to the table. Formerly at HubSpot, she now leads Deefrent Media Agency in Ireland and is the Communications Director for Women in AI Ireland. With a degree in law and an MSc in marketing, she’s been recognized for outstanding contributions, including the KPMG Outstanding Young Person of the Year award. A mentor to over 60 individuals, she believes in the power of mentorship and is a driving force in technology, innovation, and inclusion. Co-founding ThriveInclusion underscores her commitment to bridging the digital divide and creating a more inclusive tech landscape.

Adebola Olomo

Adebola Olomo

Managing Director

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