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Human-Centered Leadership in AI Integration: Enhancing Organizational and Customer Well-Being in a Technological Era

About the Presentation

In the dynamic realm of technological advancements, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) not only shapes workplace dynamics but also significantly impacts the products and solutions we deliver to our customers. “Human-Centered Leadership in AI Integration: Enhancing Organizational and Customer Well-Being in a Technological Era” explores the imperative role of leadership in harmonizing AI advancements with a compassionate, human-centered approach. This presentation aims to shed light on effective strategies for not only maintaining and enhancing organizational well-being but also ensuring that our AI-driven solutions are crafted with our customers’ well-being in mind. The session will delve into how empathetic leadership can ensure AI integration supports a healthy, productive work environment and leads to the development of customer-centric AI solutions. Attendees will learn the importance of building a culture where technology serves human needs, aligning not just with internal goals but also enhancing customer experiences and relationships. The discussion will emphasize practical methods to foster an environment where technological innovation, employee well-being, and customer satisfaction coexist in synergy. It will highlight the significance of understanding the broader human impact of AI in business, from internal organizational culture to external customer interactions.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding AI’s Broader Impact: Gain insights into AI’s effects on both employee well-being and customer experiences. 
  • Leadership with Empathy and Customer Focus: Learn strategies for leading with empathy in an AI-enabled workplace, ensuring technology aligns with both employee and customer needs. 
  • Building a Human-Centered Organizational Culture: Discover how to create a work environment and AI solutions that balance technological efficiency with human-centered values and practices. 

About M. Brandon Fargis

Brandon Fargis is a seasoned software executive and a neurodiversity thought leader. His background in Psychology, Computer Science, and Business, combined with his rich experience in top-tier software and technology companies, enables him to integrate a human-centered approach in the tech industryBrandon seamlessly marries innovative technology with a keen focus on human dynamics, advocating for organizational well-being as a cornerstone for driving innovation and creativity. As a speaker and advisor, he imparts valuable insights on harnessing varied approaches to enhance organizational performance and employee engagement, offering practical strategies for creating a more adaptable and dynamic workplace environment. 

Brandon Fargis

M. Brandon Fargis

Vice President of Software Engineering & Technology

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