Leadership and Innovation 2024
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Flawless Leadership

About the Presentation

Flawless Leadership introduces you to the leadership styles and moments used by fighter pilots, to run highly engaged and deeply effective teams. It revolves around three leadership “situations”, leading people, leading outcomes, and leading the moment. Three unique moments that require different mindsets to deliver the fast, flexible, and fluid leaders essential to create thriving teams capable of accelerating their performance by up to 300%!

Key Takeaways

  • Why it’s important to know moments to lead people, outcomes, and moments, and when it’s important to follow.  
  • The simple ways of working together within the three different leadership situations.  
  • The power of debrief culture and contextualized problem-solving and learning.  
  • Explore the Flawless Execution cognitive model to align feelings, thoughts, and actions to offer “HELP” – Highly Effective Leadership of People.  

About Christian “Boo” Boucousis

When it comes to unlocking human potential and achieving organizational success, former fighter pilot Christian “Boo” Boucousis, CEO of Afterburner Inc. brings a truly unique perspective. Forced out of the Australian Air Force with an auto-immune disorder, he adapted his fighter pilot mindset to become a successful business founder, author, and inspirational speaker.  

The secret? It comes down to a simple philosophy. Boo believes performance is what you believe, not what you do.  

From small businesses to startups, or Nike, Microsoft, and Google, Boo inspires people to invest in a new way of thinking that empowers them to drive purpose-driven performance and the belief that even the most audacious ambitions are within your reach.  

Christian "Boo" Boucousis

Christian “Boo” Boucousis

Afterburner, Inc. 

Meet Christian “Boo” Boucousis