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Trusting Your Servant Leadership Style in a PMO Organization: A Path to Success

About the Presentation

Project Management Offices (PMOs) play a pivotal role in ensuring that projects are executed successfully within an organization. However, the traditional hierarchical management approach is evolving, giving rise to the concept of servant leadership within PMOs. Servant leadership is a leadership philosophy where the leader’s primary focus is on serving and empowering team members within the PMO. In this presentation, Jeff will delve into how servant leadership can revolutionize PMO management by attracting and developing top talent, refining processes to world-class standards, and leveraging technology for unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness. At the core of Jeff’s servant leadership credo is employee engagement, impactful recognition, and creating an exceptionally positive culture and work climate.

Key Takeaways

  • The Servant Leadership approach. 
  • Attract and develop talent 
  • Utilize world-class processes. 
  • Apply proper technology.  

About Jeff Zircher

Jeff is an accomplished executive with over 30 years professional experience including 13 years’ experience building, improving, and leading enterprise Project Management, Change Management, and Agile Service organizations. Successful in building a high-performing Global PMO within a Fortune 100 company. Skilled at building learning organizations committed to developing and upskilling the team, innovation, and delivering successful partner relationships. Jeff’s style results in stronger organizations and sustainable improvement. Jeff is passionate about “servant leadership” and relishes the opportunity to help others grow and develop such that they far surpass their own professional expectations.

Jeff Zircher

Jeff Zircher

Director, Global Program Management
Caterpillar, Inc.