Leadership and Innovation 2023 Online Conference

Leadership and Innovation 2023

CHANGE Traits: Research-Backed Skills for Effective and Inspired Leadership Through Change

Elaina Carpino

Elaina Carpino

Chief Operating Officer, Change Enthusiasm Global

About the Presentation

Change is inevitable and it is hard. It is happening around us and within us each day. Imagine if you could shift your perspective from change happening to you, but instead for you. So, what if you had a practical approach guided by your emotions that harness the power of change? And, what if fueled by this approach you now have a way to embrace change enthusiastically by learning to become more adaptable and resilient through that change?

In collaboration with Change Enthusiasm Global, LLC (“CEG”), Elaina Carpino introduces not only a proven strategy to harness the power of emotion to fuel growth through change in Change Enthusiasm® but also six research-backed change leadership skills in CHANGE Traits. Grounded in CEG’s leading research on change and emotion in the workplace, in partnership with research institute CGK, and inspired by the Periodic Table of Elements and the chemistry of emotions, you will gain a deeper understanding of the power of leaning into your emotions and inspiring those around you to do the same when leading through change and transformation. You will understand how to apply this powerful mindset and skills for change so that you can harness your personal growth to influence, inspire and lead others through that change.

Key Takeaways

  1. Learn how to harness the signal emotions of change to fuel growth
  2. Appreciate how the power of change is an opportunity, squarely sitting as your choice, to maximize
  3. Understand CEG’s research-backed CHANGE TraitsTM for effective leadership through change
  4. Discover data-based insights on how change and emotion impact the workplace

About Elaina Carpino

Elaina is Change is Heart Work’s Founder. In this role, Elaina supports a culture of accountability, transparency, inclusivity, operational excellence, and empowered decision-making through the power of leadership development and coaching.

Elaina is a responsive, transformational people leader who can deliver informed, data-driven decisions, inspire a value-based environment across the organization, and support the design, development, and deployment of innovative solutions that realize and support the vision for the organizations she serves.

She has more than 20 years of experience driving transformational change in high-performing teams and organizations. Her specialty is helping people see their potential and realize their personal and professional goals through behavior changes that bring out their very best.

Elaina has held senior and executive leadership roles with Dow Chemical, Nationwide Insurance, Owens Corning, Tesla, LUMA Institute and most recently MURAL. Her business expertise includes sales, delivery, manufacturing, supply chain, operations, strategy and talent development, and product commercialization.

She holds degrees in chemical engineering and business operations excellence from The Ohio State University. She is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, holds three application patents for advanced insulation technology and installation, and serves on the board of Buckeye Engineering Women in Executive Leadership (BEWEL) for The Ohio State University College of Engineering.

Elaina received executive leadership training from the University of North Carolina, is a graduate of the International Coach Academy, and is a certified ACC professional coach through the International Coach Federation.

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