Inclusive Leadership:

Building Great Companies on Purpose

James D. White
James D. White
Former Jamba Inc CEO,
Board Chair, Author and Speaker
Krista White
Krista White
Writer and Founder of
Kiki For The Future
Bob Safian
Bob Safian
Presentation Moderator,
Host, Masters of Scale: Rapid Response podcast

About the Keynote

Anti-racist leadership is required for the future of work, and this shift must be led by the CEO. Companies cannot remain resilient in the years to come without investing in their diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies as a core part of their businesses. Becoming an anti-racist leader is an ongoing, multiyear journey that requires empathy, fortitude, and humility. In an environment where phenomena like “quiet quitting” and The Great Resignation have become commonplace, the demand to be treated with respect and human dignity rings loud and clear. Especially for millennials and Gen Z, who in the years to come will make up the majority of the workforce, traditional hierarchies are no longer cutting it. Based on the work in Anti-Racist Leadership: How To Transform Corporate Culture In A Race Conscious World, this talk is geared towards CEOs, senior leaders, and emerging leaders alike. Everyone has a role in designing their corporate culture, whether through sweeping change or getting their CEO on board. The buy in and collaboration of key stakeholders, like human resources and middle management, is necessary for sustainable change and the future of the organization. This talk will help leaders interrogate where they are on the spectrum of anti-racism and find tangible actions to take within their organizations. We will also cover the importance of empathy to unlocking lasting cultural transformation and ways leaders can build their empathy skills.

Key Takeaways

  • How to evaluate your own leadership
  • Practical ways to build your empathy
  • Tangible steps to take in your anti-racist journey

About James D. White

James D. White is the former chair, president, and CEO of Jamba Juice. He currently chairs the board of the Honest Company and is the Executive Chair of the startup Air Protein, in addition to several other boards. He is the author, with his daughter Krista, of Anti-Racist Leadership: How to Transform Corporate Culture in a Race-Conscious World (Harvard Business Review Press, 2022)

About Krista White

Krista White is a writer and consultant in the DEI space, focusing on work at the intersection of race and queerness. She is the founder and CEO of Kiki for The Future and the co-founder of Culture Design Lab, two DEI-focused startups.

About Bob Safian

Bob Safian is the host of podcast Masters of Scale: Rapid Response, downloaded by business leaders millions of times each month and named by The New York Times as one of its “Podcasts for the Pandemic Era.” Guests on the show include CEOs from Airbnb to Marriott, Instacart to Target, GM to Nike. Previously, Safian was editor-in-chief of Fast Company for a decade and served as executive editor at both Fortune and Time. As founder of The Flux Group, an advisory firm driving awareness of new business practices, Safian directly counsels Fortune 100 firms, startups and nonprofits across multiple industries.

Bob is the moderator for James & Krista White’s presentation.