Leadership and Innovation 2024
Online Conference

Leading with Human Values in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Monica Lopez, Leadership and Innovation 2023 Presenter

Monica Lopez, PhD

Founder, CEO, Cognitive Insights for Artificial Intelligence

About the Presentation

Today’s computing power and big data capabilities are driving the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled technologies at unprecedented speed and for many of us, business decisions relating to the development and/or use of AI are now front and center. At the same time, AI-enabled technologies are facilitating discrimination, raising questions on privacy and security, spurring change in transparency and accountability, fueling fears about job replacement, and feeding competition on the international stage.

Leadership now demands asking and answering the hard question: How do we use AI in a manner that best benefits humanity? Using common decisions and dilemmas now facing business leaders and managers as a backdrop, Monica Lopez deep dives into why we need AI ethics and how to leverage human values to lead with a strong moral compass.

Key Takeaways

  1. Understand the AI landscape to accelerate growth
  2. Gain insights into how to lead with strong AI ethics
  3. Make values-driven decisions with AI use and/or development

About Monica Lopez, PhD

Dr. Monica Lopez is a serial entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of Cognitive Insights for Artificial Intelligence. Known for her human-centered and cross-industry approaches to innovation, Dr. Lopez is an expert in the science, ethics, and governance of artificial intelligence (AI) and has front line experience as a strategy advisor in the AI-enabled autonomous systems, healthcare and biotechnology, cybersecurity, and higher-education industries. 

Passionate about educating the next generation of visionaries and leaders as engaged and responsible citizens, she is also teaching faculty at Johns Hopkins University. A sought-after speaker and published author, Dr. Lopez holds BAs in psychology and French, an MA and PhD in cognitive science, and a graduate certificate in international studies, all from Johns Hopkins University. She also earned a certificate in AI policy from the Center for AI and Digital Policy, Washington, D.C. and a certificate from the Venture Capital University Independent Director Initiative, University of California Berkeley, School of Law.

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