Leadership and Innovation 2024
Online Conference

Building a Roadmap for Digital Value Management Success: Connecting System Behavior & Structure Through Culture

About the Presentation

Join us for a dynamic presentation followed by a live panel discussion where we’ll unveil the blueprint for Digital Value Management success, encapsulating the essence of the sessions in this track. Our discussion brings together a wealth of insights and perspectives, each addressing crucial facets of thriving in the digital era. The focus is on what it takes to create and concurrently protect and then deliver digital value by leveraging change to people (including culture), practices, and technology. 

Our multidimensional roadmap describes the organizational aspects that break down siloes, support transparency, enable the identification and closing of performance gaps, address organizational culture, and more. 

Key Takeaways

  • The past, present, and future tasks and actions of “my” team. 
  • Intra- and inter-team dependencies (including “my” dependencies on other teams and their dependencies on “me”). 
  • The need and assurance for all teams to be aware of and operate within the organizational strategic and operational intent. 

About Rick Lemieux

Rick is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer for the DVMS Institute and itSM Solutions. The DVMS Institute’s mission is to provide organizations of any size, scale, and complexity with an affordable, pragmatic, and scalable approach to facilitating secure, resilient, and auditable digital outcomes. Its vision is to deliver accredited publications and training programs that teach organizations HOW to build an auditable overlay model that facilitates the digital risk, resiliency, and privacy outcomes government regulators expect.  

Rick has 40+ years of passion and experience creating and delivering solutions designed to deliver the digital outcomes expected by executive management, government regulators, and operational stakeholders. In 2015, Rick was identified as one of the top five IT Entrepreneurs in the State of Rhode Island by the TECH 10 awards for developing innovative training and mentoring solutions for boards, senior executives, and operational stakeholders.  

About Patrick von Schlag

Patrick is a proven thought leader, motivator, and developer of effective customer-oriented technology education solutions, with 30 years of experience in business and IT leadership. He has expertise in cybersecurity risk management, IT service management, governance, and Agile disciplines for Fortune 500 and large government customers. He is the author of the upcoming book Innovation in Digital Value Management, published by TSO.

About David Moskowitz

In 2022, David, Dave Nichols, and Rick Lemieux launched the DVMS Institute. David is the lead author of the DVMS Institute’s Create, Protect, and Deliver Digital Business Value Publications and accredited certification training programs. David spent some of his “formative years” working on an anti-submarine warfare program for the US Department of Defense. By applying a systems perspective, David and his high-performing team completed an eighteen-month program in just under nine months. 

As the DVMS Institute content architect, David actively seeks and works with subject matter experts, leaders, and practitioners to develop industry-leading guidance that enables organizations to survive and thrive in the digital age. Areas of interest for publication include cybersecurity, risk management, service management, governance and organizational culture, assurance, and leadership. 

Prior to the DVMS Institute, David partnered with itSM Solutions LLC as not only a content creator but also as a certified instructor delivering service management certification training and consulting programs to Fortune 500 companies across the globe.  

David Moscowitz

David Moskowitz

Executive Director & Content Architect
DVMS Institute
Rick Lemieux

Rick Lemieux

Co-Founder & CPO
DVMS Institute

Meet Rick Lemieux

Patrick Von Schlag

Patrick von Schlag

Director of Global Services
DVMS Institute