Leadership and Innovation 2024
Online Conference

Become a Futures Thinker Navigating Shifts and Lead in an Evolving World

About the Presentation

This session aims to equip both emerging and seasoned leaders across sectors with the tools and perspectives needed to actively participate and shape radically better futures. In this session, we explore the fusion of futures thinking with practical leadership strategies, drawing from recent research from The Future Quo that illuminates the challenges and opportunities leaders face in our fast-evolvoing landscape. From uncovering unconventional concepts that reshape norms to spotlighting global shifts impacting industries, we’ll navigate how leaders can leverage futures thinking to shape a more human-centric future. This session isn’t just about theory; it’s a pragmatic guide to integrating foresight into organizational culture, talent development, and innovative practices. 

Key Takeaways

  • Reframing Leadership Mindsets: We’ll explore a few mindset shifts that can foster adaptable, forward-thinking qualities in leaders.  
  • Navigating Global Shifts: We’ll discuss some pivotal global shifts reshaping industries and determine emerging opportunities for positive impact. 
  • Practical Integration of Futures Thinking: We’ll look at practical applications in innovation, strategic planning, talent development, and workplace culture.  

About Tameka Vasquez

Tameka Vasquez is a human-centered futurist, foresight strategist, professor, and speaker. She is the Founder & Principal of The Future Quo, an incubation and strategy partner for organizations seeking to design radically better futures for people and our planet. The Future Quo comprises multi-disciplinary collaborators working to discover and design possibilities for the future of a range of industries. Tameka is also Associate Faculty for the Future of Work course at Columbia University. She is an Ambassador for the Better Arguments Project, a civics initiative led by The Aspen Institute. Her insights have been featured by The Project Management Institute, Smart Design, The Association of National Advertisers, Udemy for Business, and others. Previously, Tameka was a marketing strategist who led brand and growth programs for global technology startups and enterprises over 12 years. In her last role, she served as the first Head of Marketing for Sidewalk Labs, and urban innovation and sustainability unity at Google.  

Tameka Vasquez

Tameka Vasquez

Founder & Principal
The Future Quo