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Interesting presentations – picked up on some things that I’ve seen but not had contextualized in this way.

– Gary Pierce

Great presentation. I appreciated the information about the past and present working generations!

– Felicia Walker

My key takeaway is: “Culture is incredibly important in our teams and we must learn how to explain it to others.”

– Stephania Trejos

Excellent presentation and very thought provoking It was refreshing to see him keep the presentation realistic and useful – especially perspectives from both sides.

– Manoj Tripathi

Oh, my goodness! The presenter hit on a few recent items for me. Just yesterday I spoke with my son and his friends – 20 years olds in 2nd year of university. I told them to expect $60k max coming out of UNI and if they do well build their foundation – look for $80K after 2 years as a good baseline for next 5 years :).

– Liza Al-Rajhi

Great presentation. Solid stats over the last few years of rapid change to where we are today, coupled with the presenter and his team’s interpretation of the core leadership competencies and strategies needed for the next 3-5 years. Thanks, IIL!

– Dave DiPaolo

Great presentation. I see that employees are getting frustrated because some are doing more work and getting paid the same or less then some who are not doing as much work. Wages in NY is an issue, but we all have to be grateful for being able to work and keep the roof over our head.

– Jennifer D’Asaro

Awesome presentation. I appreciate how he was able to clearly articulate the issues we are facing in our industry. The employees who have stuck it out through all of this i see are becoming increasingly resentful because all the effort seems to be focused on attracting the new and not rewarding those that stayed.

– Cynthia Condrey

This presentation raises many good points and challenges. Especially the wage issues and how to really define a culture and not be changing it with the wind.

– Kathleen Jonas

I am so glad the presenter spoke about cultural fit. This is important when hiring professionals. Thank you for a great presentation! Excellent speaker!

– Paloma Villasana

It was a great presentation! It was interesting to hear about how it is a good idea to check on employees who have left the organization and check if they are happy and if they would like to come back.

– Shilpa Mailkody

Thank you for the broad perspective.

– Pawan Kumar

Excellent presentation really resonated some behaviors I have experienced since covid. Wages not keeping up in NY for sure for most employers.

– Deborah Harper

Amazing perspectives and reflections.

– Francisco Alejandro Cuesta Cerda

Very interesting conference with very engaging speakers.

– Daphne Bonet Sebastian

I really enjoyed the presentation by James White and Krista White. Well done.

– Jeanette Snyder

Engaging conversation and important message.

– Deborah Harper

Great presentation and dialogue!!! Thank you!
– Paloma Villasana
I loved the comment the CEO can’t delegate culture. So true.
– Lisa Shivers

I think that’s true of anything that’s important to the company–culture, DEI, values, strategy, etc. It goes back to the old adage, “If you want something done right you have to do it yourself.” Although in this case, not by yourself.

– Karen Haefner
This conference is really challenging my decisions on where I want to go/be in 2023 – 2024.
– Jeanette Snyder
Very insightful discussions so far!

– Gerald Sserufusa

Great presentation.

– Jennifer D’Asaro

Great presentation. I am happy that DEI is being given importance in many organizations, which is a step in the right direction.
– Shilpa Mailkody

great presentation and discussion. Our company speaks about DEI but actions have been slow…sessions like this help me think about how I can help push things along a bit.

– Holly Sanders

Great Presentation about a very important topic given the political environment. Thank you!

– Terri Blackmore

A takeaway for me, was not only about Auditing the company I work for…but more so about Auditing Myself! Being more proactive setting achievable/measurable goals for my Project Teams and myself. Finding a way to reward others AND being more aware of recognizing Potential with my Project Teams & myself.

– Juanita Pearson

Loved the fireside chat. Very personal and thought provoking. I never read a book per se but learned during my career that work life balance is essential for a well lived life.

– Cynthia Condrey

The presenter’s 6 active questions are a great tool for self-reflection and self-accountability. Did I do my best to increase my happiness? Did I do my best to find meaning? Did I do my best to be engaged? Did I do my best to build positive relationships? Did I do my best to set clear goals? Did I do my best to make progress toward goal achievement?

– Gary Pierce

Knowledge philanthropy – I love it! Give it away – why hang on to it?

– Lisa Shivers
Very good presentation. I enjoyed the live session the most.
– Melinda Miller
Good presentation. Lots of skills and practices to be brought to your overall life (not just work but at home!)
– Andrea Nelson
Responsibility for your own actions, goals, and happiness. Love it.
– Jeanette Snyder

Wonderful presentation. I can’t wait to put the presenter’s practices in action for a happier life.

– Susan Phillips
This was great. I love the 6 active questions.

– Ofelia Arias

Wow what a great presentation. Loved it Love the 6 active questions. I can’t wait to start with answering them.

– Jennifer D’Asaro
Beautiful soul, great insights and instructions to evolving to a better understanding of self and what we really need.
– Lalitha John

Very good and appropriate. We need to take time to smell the roses.

– Donald Dennard

Absolutely loved Dr. Goldsmith’s presentation. So much to learn from him. I look forward to reading his book.

– Shilpa Mailkody

I feel like I can conquer life, the world, and anything else that pops up after Marshall’s session. Feel inspired and motivated.

– Karen Haefner

Loved this discussion with Marshall and Cyndi. So many excellent takeaways. The 6 active questions are reminders to put into practice every day.

– May Wu

Best presentation so far today! I can’t wait to read “The Earned Life” and to start incorporating these principles into my daily perspective.

– Lindsay Hartson

Starting on the 6 questions tomorrow… how simple and valuable is that list.

– Jeanette Snyder
Loved the presentation… 6 questions are on my whiteboard to see daily.
– John Pusateri

Awesome presentation and A great man who has learnt a lot from life and is spreading the same message to everyone. – To learn and from life and share experience.

– Meena Kanneboina

Great presentation. Going to put the 6 active questions to work.
– Debra Napolitano
Lots of great takeaways but the key for me was to “START”! Start now, start small, start large but just START!
Another great session–today is flying by!
– Karen Haefner

The Presenter’s statement about trusting employees is worth repeating over and over. Employees really do feel when they are not trusted. Great presentation.

– Shirley Beauford

I agree completely, that presentation really resonated. Trust the employee that you hired!

– Karen Haefner
Great presentation. Reverse mentorships are very beneficial and important.
– Dawna Davis
What does the future look like presentation is very interesting. Lots of interesting research.
– Jeanette Snyder

Favorite quote of the day: “The human becomes the laptop” (context from the AI presentation)

– Jeanette Snyder
I think the reality of boomerang employees has more to do with individual managers than the organization. I was a boomerang about 5 years ago. Left for an “exciting opportunity” that was a bust. No bridges were burned and when my previous manager heard I wasn’t happy, I was invited back.
– Karen Haefner
Amazing presentation by Dr. Farrow in AI!
– Jeanette Snyder
Dr Elissa Farrow’s presentation was amazing and just makes you realize how much of a role everyone has to play in AI.
– Kathleen Jonas
I’m in the early stages of embracing AI so this was very good information to hear. Thank you!!
– Shirley Beauford

Have to admit, the self-driving car example was very thought-provoking, particularly around the legal implications of AI. We clearly have many new problems to solve with this becoming more and more pervasive in the coming years.

– John Pusateri

Well worth attending this conference and while scary there are many great things about AI. Her research highlights things we need to be aware of and the importance of how we integrate AI into our work & life.

Awesome session on AI.

– John Pusateri

Very detailed well thought out research and presentation. My favorite presentation of the day

– John Pusateri

Man, that was a massive amount of information to absorb this late in the day. Will have to go back and re-watch.

– John Pusateri

Awesome session on AI.

– John Pusateri

Thank you, Elissa, for this presentation. It appears that there are still quite a few questions that need to be addressed with the presence of AI.

– John Pusateri

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