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IIL’s Virtual Learning Studio

Step into the future of learning. Step into IIL’s Virtual Learning Studio.

It’s a microphones-on, cameras-on setting that replicates in-class auditorium seating, but everyone is in the first row. 

Watch our instructors in action. Feel the palpable energy they create in this engaging space. Witness how both students and instructors feed off this vibrant atmosphere, sparking unparalleled levels of engagement. Instructors can move freely around the classroom doing what they do best – mastering their content and engaging with students.

To visit IIL’s Virtual Learning Studio, please contact [email protected] or submit the request form below.

Our dedicated team looks forward to showcasing our state-of-the-art facilities exploring how our unique blend of in-person and virtual learning can benefit you and your team!

Leveraging the most immersive virtual learning experience available, IIL revolutionizes learning by fostering engagement like never before.  How do we accomplish this?  Through 3 core principles and some powerful technology.

First, we believe in high bandwidth interaction between instructors and participants. We drive engagement and participation like no other platform. It’s all about instructors seeing participants’ reactions, understanding their emotions, and truly connecting with each student.

Second, we ensure the same level of interaction between the participants themselves. The ability to see, hear, and engage with each other collaboratively is critical to cultivating a sense of camaraderie and shared learning.

Finally, we emphasize progress made together.  Our discussions boards are designed to be interactive and transparent, fostering collective growth and learning and capturing insights, ideas and new thinking that are being generated spontaneously in the classroom.

With up to 84 virtual participants active on the video wall, and support for virtual and hybrid environments, the IIL Learning Studio is purpose-built by instructors for instructors.

Innovative technology, including a multi-directional array microphone, 14 huge panels with dedicated perspective cameras, and directional sound boards enable instructors to seamlessly identify who’s speaking and engage in one-on-one interactions.

Interactive tools, including polls, surveys, real-time analytics, and an interactive, asynchronous whiteboard, augment the participant and instructor experience.

And with multiple cameras and views, participants can see the instructor, the presentation materials, and each other, fostering an intimate learning environment.


IIL’s Virtual Learning Studio

485 Madison Ave, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10022

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