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Essential Skills in the Age of Machine Learning

By Christa Kirby


These days, uttering a quick phrase can give us an instantaneous answer; all we have to do is say, “Hey Siri,” “OK, Google,” or simply: “Alexa!”

The ability to think both creatively and critically is an invaluable life skill that is frighteningly close to becoming a lost art.

Being able to sit with a question, devise alternative solutions, and evaluate ideas against objective standards are essential capabilities in the world today. Purposeful thinking is something that can (and should!) be taught, practiced, and improved upon.

This white paper will answer the questions:

  • Why is critical thinking important?
  • How does creative thinking relate to critical thinking?
  • Why is creativity important?
  • What does this mean to me?

About the Author

Christa Kirby
With a BA from Duke University and an MA from New York University, Christa Kirby is an experienced Communications professional as well as a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist and trainer. For the past decade, Christa has conducted workshops and led trainings for corporations, non-governmental organizations and foundations in countries including Afghanistan, Bosnia, Croatia, Romania, Ethiopia, Greece and the US. Her specialty areas of focus are team-building, leadership, conflict resolution, effective communication, cross-cultural communication and peace-building.

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