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Stepping Safely Into the Unknown: Project Management in a VUCA Environment

By Dr. Mark Reeson


In the ever-changing world that we now live and work in, disruption is as great as it has ever been, meaning we are seeing all aspects of VUCA within our own environments.

Currently, the biggest item on top of any CEO’s to-do list is creating, shaping and transforming their organization’s culture to be more responsive to change. CEOs talk about the values of integrity, trust, empowerment and leader development as essential within the new damaging environment of VUCA Management.

This paper will guide you through the hazards of working within this ever-changing environment to understand how to prepare, how to manage the impact of the continuing change and how to safely negotiate a passage out again.

We will demonstrate how the project professionals can reinforce these values through personal example and by ensuring they cascade throughout the organization. By delivering this change through effective leadership, this will help to shape and reinforce the future business culture.


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About the Author:

Dr. Mark Reeson
Dr. Mark Reeson, ChPP, RPP, FAPM, MCMI, PMP, is Director of Project Management Services at M R Project Solutions Limited. As a Senior Consultant and Trainer with IIL, Mark provides expertise in project management, interpersonal and leadership skills, risk management, quality management, and other management development services.

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