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Capturing Project Management Best Practices

With Dr. Al Zeitoun

About the Webinar

Companies must understand how project management best practices can elevate their levels of business success and recognize the need for continuous improvements supported by an investment in the discovery of best practices. The importance of continuous improvement efforts makes it clear that the discovery and use of best practices should not be left to chance. Historically, most companies never investigate all the necessary steps to determine if a practice is the best approach.

Achieving project management excellence is a major component of strategic planning activities. Project management and business thinking are no longer separate activities. Project management is not just about processes; it is now aligned with the delivery of business benefits and value as indicated in the PMBOK® Guide – Seventh Edition.

The recommendations made throughout this webinar point to the increasing importance of the human side of best practices. Organizations that are leading the growth and sustainability agendas of the future will have to create safe cultures where fear of extracting best practices from what has not worked disappears.

What You Will Learn

After this one-hour session, you will be able to:

  • Understand how to define and discover best practices
  • Clearly establish the responsibility for validating a best practice and its fit into categories
  • Explain the approach of using best practices once they are validated
  • Create a roadmap to make sure that everyone knows about the existence of the best practices
  • Describe a process for reevaluating that something is still a best practice
  • Provide the supporting environment and drivers for making sure that the employees are encouraged to use the best practices and are using them properly

This webinar will provide up to 1.0 PDU.


Susan CroftDr. Al Zeitoun

Dr. Zeitoun is a business optimization and operational performance excellence expert with global experience in strategy execution, portfolio, program and project management. His experiences encompass leading organizations; developing their Enterprise Program Management Offices (EPMOs); guiding systematic Methodology implementations; and successfully executing complex global mega infrastructure, IT and manufacturing strategies. Furthermore, he has directed leadership education, research activities, and curricula of institutions worldwide.

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