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Free Webinar: Communication and Negotiation Skills for Project Managers

With Steve Blais

Project Management Communication Skills

About the Webinar

To be an effective project manager, excellent communication skills are mandatory. Project managers are regularly involved in various forms of negotiation; therefore, they must have an understanding of the principles of successful negotiations. The goal of this webinar is to help project managers identify information needs of stakeholders and to implement methods to ensure you receive the information needed. The webinar also provides participants with knowledge of successful negotiation tips and tactics with emphasis on when, how, and why these techniques apply to project management.


In this interactive session, participants are encouraged to reflect on the challenges and importance of communication and negotiation in their positions at work. Through the use of examples and discussion, the participants will see how to improve their interaction and communication style as well as becoming more informed on the foundational concepts of successful negotiations.

What You Will Learn

  • Strategies for dealing with a wide variety of personal communication styles
  • Barriers to effective technical communications as well as how to communicate more effectively using data and charts
  • How to improve the chance of successful “win-win” negotiation by understanding, applying, and formulating the importance of communications skills in negotiations
  • Be prepared for negotiation strategies of the other side and reach agreements that can be kept and preserve the working relationship
  • Understand the best alternatives to negotiated agreements and know when to “walk away” from a negotiation

Who Should Attend

Managers, supervisors, staff, or anyone involved in communicating and negotiating with stakeholders, project teams, or other departments that would benefit from this webinar. In addition, project managers who must improve their ability to communicate and influence decisions should find this webinar interesting and helpful.

This webinar will provide 1.0 Leadership PDU.



Steve Blais
Steve Blais, PMP, has over 43 years’ experience in business analysis, project management, and software development. He is an IIL Senior Instructor, Course Author, Consultant and Coach and provides consulting services to companies developing business analysis processes. He is the author of Business Analysis: Best Practices for Success (Wiley).

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