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Leadership and Interpersonal Skills

Leadership and Interpersonal skills are the most important tools you can use in nearly every aspect of your life and are essential for growing your career.

Whether you are an individual contributor working towards set goals, managing your first project, a skilled project manager, or a manager leading a team or function, the opportunities to lead are everywhere.  People with strong leadership and interpersonal skills can boost productivity, collaborate more effectively, connect, motivate and inspire others.

View IIL’s most popular Leadership and Interpersonal Skills courses and workshops below. Expand your capacity to be a leader.

Most Popular Leadership Courses

Effective Presentation Skills

In today’s results-oriented, global working environment, the ability to create and deliver presentations effectively is a necessary skill set for people at all levels of an organization.

Delivery Methods:

Emotional Intelligence

This highly interactive course delivers a practical approach to developing, improving, and sustaining effective and mutually beneficial relationships.

Delivery Methods:

Effective Negotiation Skills for Business Success

Today’s leaders must understand how to work towards agreements where all parties are satisfied that they have reached a wise outcome efficiently, and where they can come back to the table in the future because the relationship is intact.

Delivery Methods:

Conflict Resolution Skills

With the right knowledge, skills, training, and practice, conflict can be productive and make organizations better. Learning the connection between individual conflict response and team-empowering conflict resolution skills is a critical step. 

Delivery Methods:

Project Stakeholder Relationship Skills

Project managers need the ability to analyze the complexities of major stakeholder relationship categories, apply the most appropriate interpersonal relationship skills to the different categories of relationships, and align the dynamic needs of the stakeholders with a project’s objective throughout the project life cycle.

Delivery Methods:

Project Leadership Skills

To be effective within an organization, project managers need to have a wide variety of skills and abilities. These include the ability to create and execute on a vision; motivate others; influence without authority; network; communicate well and manage stakeholder conflict.

Delivery Methods:

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