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Are you planning to take the PMP® exam?  IIL’s AI-Powered PMP® Exam Simulator enables you to access unlimited questions and tests using cutting edge AI technology.  The simulator will present you with opportunities to test your understanding of a specific topic: by Predictive vs. Agile, Domains, Knowledge Areas, and Process Groups.

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Key Features

AI-Enhanced Quizzes

Master the PMP Exam with AI-Powered Insights!

Over 2000 questions with AI assistance for in-depth understanding.

Learning Cards

Effortless Learning with Comprehensive PMP Content Cards

Covers all PMP exam content, easy to review on-the-go.

PMP® Exam Simulator

Simulate Real PMP Exam Conditions for Success

Practice under real exam conditions to reduce test-day anxiety.

Fun Games

Boost Your Focus and Accuracy with Fun, Interactive Games

Engage in ‘Beat the Clock’ to sharpen your skills.

Benefits of the AI-Powered PMP® Exam Simulator

AI-Enhanced Learning

  • Instant Feedback:
    AI provides explanations for every question, helping you understand why an answer is correct or incorrect.

  • Personalized Insights:
    AI analyzes your performance to identify strengths and weaknesses, offering targeted recommendations.

Flexibility and Convenience

  • Learn Anywhere, Anytime:
    Access all resources from any device, fitting study sessions into your schedule.

  • Unlimited Access:
    Use the app as much as needed during the license period

  • Self-Paced:
    Progress at your own speed, revisiting challenging topics as necessary.

Study anywhere, anytime, with an AI coach in your pocket:


Save time with personalized and adaptive learning paths.


Gain a deeper understanding with AI-driven explanations and feedback.


Study at your own pace, anytime and anywhere.


Stay motivated with interactive quizzes, games, and real-time feedback.


Build confidence with exam simulations that mirror the real PMP test environment.

Request Information

To learn more about IIL’s AI-Powered PMP® Exam Simulator or to request a product demo, fill out the form.

For other inquiries, please email [email protected] or call 212-758-0177.

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