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Building and Sustaining a Cross Functional Team

About the Presentation

A key factor in project success stories has been the performance of a cross functional team. But the definition is likely different from what you may have heard in the past. Previously, the term “cross functional” meant team members from various departments or other parts of the organization working together to achieve a goal. But it was generally assumed that they all worked individually on their tasks and deliverables. While that is still true, the term has now been modified to include “generalizing specialists”.  

We are all likely familiar with high-performing teams, but what exactly is a cross-functional team? 

This course will review one of the earlier examples of the cross functional team and examine the traits needed to form a high-functioning group. We will also analyze how to create and develop a cross functional team. And finally, we’ll practice ways that we can continue and maintain the team.  

Key Takeaways

  • Review the definition and history of a cross functional team. 
  • Assess the characteristics of a cross functional team.  
  • Examine how to build a cross functional team.  
  • Prepare methods to maintain the team.  

About Ed Lively

Ed is a highly skilled trainer and consultant with extensive project management experience across several industries. His broad level of experience includes operations, information technology, corporate finance, and process improvement. He excels in team building, budgeting, scheduling, and training, team members. Ed is enthusiastic with exceptional organizational and communication skills.  

Ed Lively

Ed Lively

Senior Consultant & Trainer
IIL, Inc.