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Generative AI for Leaders

About the Presentation

This presentation aims to equip leaders with the knowledge and tools necessary to harness the power of AI effectively while also navigating its complexities responsibly. It offers a concise yet comprehensive introduction to Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), tailored specifically for business leaders and decision-makers. The presentation also provides practical insights for integrating these technologies into organizational workflows. 

Key Takeaways

  • A quick introduction to Generative AI and what it means for leaders. 
  • Strategies that will help business leaders use Generative Artificial Intelligence in the workplace.  
  • Risks and best practices about integrating AI into organizational workflows.  

About Hassan Osman

Hassan Osman is a Senior Vice President of Professional Services at NWN Carousel, the leading hybrid work company. He is also the author of several books for busy managers, including Influencing Virtual Teams, Don’t Reply All, and ChatGPT for Better Business Communication. Hassan’s current focus is on the future of work and how AI will help business leaders in the workplace. He publishes a free weekly newsletter called “AI for Leaders” at www.aiworktalk.com

Hassan Osman

Hassan Osman

Sr. VP of Professional Services
NWN Carousel

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