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Leadership and Innovation 2024
Online Conference

From the Inside Out: Empowering Social Sustainability and Leadership

About the Presentation

Within the sustainability framework, the focus is often on environmental sustainability. However, there are two other essential areas: social sustainability and financial sustainability. Today, we will dive deeper into social sustainability 

  • Learn about the 17 Global Sustainable goals  
  • Why these have been complemented with Inner development goals  
  • How Ericsson, one of the largest 5G telecom providers, is a pioneer and key contributor to a sustainable world 
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Is not only about our appearance, but primarily about how our brains are wired differently. Why Ericsson harnesses Neurodiversity as a valuable resource and its newest Employee Resource Group. 
  • Why leadership styles impact the world on every level:  
  • From Global, Country, Cultural, Organizations, Corporations, Companies, Individuals.  
  • Why the Servant leadership: Care and Growth model is chosen as the most sustainable leadership style for the future. 

Key Takeaways

  • Learn what Sustainability really means. How it impacts society, the economy and the environment. What you can do to live sustainably. 
  • Learn about the 17 Global Sustainable goals. 
  • Why do we need to start with Inner development goals?  
  • Why Ericsson embodies, contributes, empowers and inspires a sustainable world. 
  • Why and How Ericsson sees the essential value in Diversity and Inclusion. 
  • How different leadership styles impact our world.
    – The impact of Command and Control Leadership. 
    – Why Care and Growth Leadership empowers a sustainable future.   

About Marianne Rimbark

Marianne has 25+ years of experience in the telecom industry as well as research & development (R&D). She has 15+ years of experience in leadership, strategy execution, operational excellence and change management. She is also the Chair for Neurodiversity & Allies Employee Resource Group. 

Marianne Rimbark

Marianne Rimbark

Improvement & Performance Manager
Ericsson, Business Area Networks

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