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Leadership and Innovation 2024
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Rethinking Governance in the Age of Digital Value

About the Presentation

Senior IT and business leaders must actively reshape governance paradigms in the digital transformation era. This presentation focuses on navigating the complex landscape of digital value creation and protection. We will explore a holistic approach to governance that emphasizes the imperative to treat governance as an integrated aspect of strategy and risk.  

We will dissect the mutifaceted dimensions of modern governance that transcend mere compliance and risk management. The presentation highlights how governance drives innovation and competitive advantage by examining the critical interplay between technology, strategy, and organizational culture. 

Through real-world case studies and actionable insights, this presentation will empower you with the tools and perspectives to cultivate a culture of agile governance that adapts to the fast-paced digital realm. Join us in actively reimagining the role of governance to reshape organizational destiny in the age of digital value.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn to confidently navigate complex landscapes of digital value creation and protection.  
  • Gain insights on the multifaceted dimensions of modern governance outside of just compliance and risk management.  
  • Review real-world use cases and gain actionable insights.  

About Patrick von Schlag

Patrick is a proven thought leader, motivator, and developer of effective customer-oriented technology education solutions, with 30 years of experience in business and IT leadership. He has expertise in cybersecurity risk management, IT service management, governance, and Agile disciplines for Fortune 500 and large government customers. He is the author of the upcoming book Innovation in Digital Value Management, published by TSO

Patrick Von Schlag

Patrick von Schlag

Director of Global Services
DVMS Institute