Leadership and Innovation 2024
Online Conference

Stepping Out of Fear Into Confidence in All Stages of Life

Jennifer Watson, Leadership and Innovation 2023 Presentation

Jennifer Watson

Speaker, Visionary, Entrepreneur, High-Performance Leadership Coach

About the Presentation

Jennifer Watson is confident that each of us can be extraordinary humans & leaders, confidently making powerful decisions in all stages of your life. But the key to achieving this level is learning to navigate through fear and creating consistent confidence in your decisions no matter the environment.

This presentation will journey the student through the major reasons why we experience fear and how to R.U.N. confidently through them. We will provide the R.U.N. to Confidence 3-Principle Framework to create consistent confidence no matter the stage of life you are in. In addition, we provide the rapid transformation tool to shift you into confidence no matter the adversity and create the life you want… NOW. Finally, we will address why consistent confidence will take your unique purpose and create momentum for your life, your career, your community & beyond.

Key Takeaways

  1. Understanding your relationship with fear
  2. Comprehension of the 3-Principle R.U.N. (Resolve, Unite, Nurture) Framework to consistently tap into Confidence
  3. Understanding of tool to shift into confidence no matter the adversity
  4. Comprehension of the influence of confidence to create the momentum in the life & career you desire

About Jennifer Watson

Jennifer Watson, MPT, I.M.T.,C., owner of Jennifer Watson Leadership, is a dynamic speaker and coach with a gift for intuitive and visionary coaching. She is an expert in wellness + leadership development, identity & mental edge enhancement, high- performance, post-trauma growth, movement & change adaptation, and soul-aligned living mastery.

Incorporating her expertise along with her athletic gifts as a former collegiate athlete and All- American, she has had the honor to share here message on the TEDx stage, NBC, Fox Radio and top Summit/Podcasts. With 20 years experience in business and leadership management + wellness advocacy, she inspires those to unleash their potential and performance in all areas of their life.

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Her company, Jennifer Watson Leadership (JWL), supports ambitious leaders & entrepreneurs to step out of chaos into creation to live their legacy now. JWL does this through Mind-Body-Soul Wellness Amplification, Leadership + Communication Style Activation, and High-Performance Creation Mapping.

Her gift is truly to tap into the leaders “Jedi Flow State” in Wellness + Leadership and create their EXTRAORDINARY Business + LIFE ease + joy.

In addition, Jennifer is the owner of Watson Wellness. She received her undergraduate degree in kinesiology and a Master of Physical Therapy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. During her time at Wisconsin Jennifer was also a member of the University of Wisconsin- Madison track & field team in which she received All-American honors. As she began her work, her interests began to grow outside the athletic arena. She has completed over 1500 hours of continuing education courses in mental health, manual therapy, functional orthopedics, and postural restoration. Her areas of focus & expertise include high performance, gut health, brain health, mental health and a special interest in men & women’s health.

Jennifer Watson Leadership + Watson Wellness has given rise to Jennifer’s great passion of supporting people in their journey to live their EPIC Health, their EPIC Leadership, and their EPIC Legacy that they were destined for.