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The Human Experience in the Digital Age

By Stephen Plante


In a culture newly dominated by digital capabilities, the way we interact is changing. Cross-functional collaboration holds the key to eliminating siloes and uniting people with shared purpose and accountability. As we rediscover or evolve to the power of purpose-based social systems transcending the value creation system, it is clear that these social systems are the growth engines of the future.

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About the Author

Stephen Plante is the Chief Strategist and Education Officer of PeopleProductive, LLC, an organization dedicated to helping organizations flourish in the digital age by mastering the human side of business. He has over four decades of experience navigating the intersection of business and technology, with the goal of achieving and sustaining successful outcomes via high performance culture.

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Published in partnership with the BRM Institute, an organization dedicated to driving impact by satisfying both individual and organizational purpose through Business Relationship Management.

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