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Axiology in Project Management

What is Axiology? Why is it relevant to project management? Team Development and Leadership Coach, Traci Duez, answers the question in this teaser.

Axiology in Project Management

What is Axiology? Why is it relevant to project management? Team Development and Leadership Coach, Traci Duez, answers the question in this teaser.

AI in Project Management

How can AI help to improve project decisions? Program Manager at UBS, Marcus Glowasz, answers this question in this short teaser.

International Project Management Day 2020 Online Conference

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Project Management and Responsibilities

What does it mean to be a responsible project manager? Co-Creator of, Dr. Nigel Williams, discusses how to be a responsible project manager in this quick teaser.

Gamification in Project Environments

Is gamification relevant in project environments? Director of Otobos Consultants, Elizabeth Harrin. answers this question in this teaser.

How to Manage Remote Teams?

Why do I need to learn how to manage remote teams? PMO Director at Cisco Systems, Hassan Osman, explains the importance of learning how to manage remote teams and how it can increase productivity.

IPM Day 2020 Online Conference Teaser

International Project Management (IPM) Day is observed each year on the first Thursday in November.

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Project Management for Parents

What can parents learn from project management? #IPMDay2020 speaker and Strategic Communications & Project Management Consultant at Vision Realized, Hilary Kinney will share her techniques on making your home life go smoothly even after the pandemic ends.

Agile Teams and Culture

Why does culture matter on an Agile team? Co-Founder & CEO of Corgibytes, Andrea Goulet, explains the reason why in this teaser video.

The Age of Software

What is the age of software? Co-Founder and Chief Methodologist Scaled Agile, Inc, Dean Leffingwell, shares his insight in this video.

How to Track an Agile Transformation

Have you started your Agile transformation? CEO of Agile42 in America, David Sharrock, explains his techniques in tracking his Agile transformation in this clip.

What is Self-Care?

What is self-care? Why is it important? Agile & Leadership Coach, Louria Lindauer, discusses the benefits and how it can prevent burn out.

Essential Roles for an Agile Team

What roles are essential for an Agile Team? Senior Consultant at IIL, Keith Wilson, discusses each role.

What is Value Stream Mapping?

What is Value Stream Mapping? Sr. Agile Coach at T-Mobile, Shaaron Alvares, shares her input in this short clip.

Why is Goal Setting Important?

Product Owner of Enterprise and Leadership Solutions at, Patricia Kong, discusses the importance of goal setting.

Toyota Kata - What is it?

What is a 'Kata'? Director of TWI Institue of Australiasia, Oscar Roche, explains in this quick clip.

Using Agile Analysis on Non-Agile Projects

How can you use Agile analysis if you are not working on an Agile Project? Professional Speaker and Trainer at Champagne Collaborations, Jamie Champagne, shares her techniques in this clip.

Is all User Feedback on Designs Meaningful?

Renee Liken, explains the importance of user feedback and how it can impact your designs.

Will the Growth of Agile Lead to the Death of Bureaucracy?

Will Agile lead to the death of bureaucracy? Darrell Rigby explains why it does not.

One Way a Project Manager can Enable Innovation

PMI VP and Chief Scientist of Disciplined Agile, Scott Ambler, shares his insight in this short clip.

Why Does Personal Agility Matter?

What is personal agility and why does it matter? Leadership and Organizational Coach, Besty Kauffman, explains her answer in this teaser.

Biggest Pitfalls in Agile Marketing Teams

What are the biggest pitfalls that Agile marketing teams experience? Andrea Fryrear shares her challenges and explains the best way to solve them.

Conflict Resolution Techniques for Agile Leaders

Why is poor communication at the heart of most conflicts? Agile & Scrum speaker, Tom Friend, uses his experience as a Business Agility Consultant to tackle this question.

Agile and Scrum 2020 Online Conference

Agile and Scrum 2020 is an online event that brings Agile experts to you.

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Thank You Frontline Workers

Thank you to all the first responders and essential workers who continue to risk their lives to keep the world in motion. You are our heroes.

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Enhance your ability to manage critical conversations in the workplace to inspire growth and engagement in your employees.

Where Do Leaders Go Wrong When Communicating?

Do you avoid difficult conversations? Watch Molly Tschang's session to learn the best techniques to resolve any conflict.

A Monocultural Leader vs. A Transcultural Leader

Can a good monocultural leader make a good transcultural leader? Peter Chadwick explains.

Does Your Team have the Right Data Culture to Succeed in the AI Economy?

Does your team have the right data culture to succeed in the Ai Economy? Michael Li shows you how to find out.

Why is Innovation Important?

Why is innovation important? Operations Officer & Senior Advisor for Criteria for Success, Elizabeth Frederick explains in this teaser.

How are Organizations Ensuring a Neurodiverse WorkForce?

The President of Fargis Consulting Group, Brandon Fargis, shares his insights in this quick teaser.

Why Do Today's Leaders Feel "Stuck"?

The former CEO of Campbell and the Founder of ConantLeadership, Doug Conant, shares his insight in this quick teaser.

Business Transformation and the Future of Work Through RPA

How can I get started with RPA? Watch Valarie King-Bailey answer in this quick teaser.

Understanding Purpose in the New Economy

Based on the new and revolutionary book, co-wrote by Craig himself, WEconomy: You Can Find Meaning, Make a Living, and Change the World, Craig will share how to unleash purpose within your career, company, and life goals.

Why is Mindfulness so Important for Leaders?

Why is Mindfulness so Important for Leaders? Founder of Rapporta, Mary-Louise Angoujard, shares her knowledge in this quick teaser.

How to Increase Inclusion and Diversity in Your Organization?

How can you increase inclusion and diversity in your organization? Mary-Louise Angoujard shares her knowledge in this quick teaser.

The Power of Soft Skills in Leadership

Cassandra Worthy explains the importance of softer skills of leadership in this teaser.

Improve Your Grateful Leadership

Judith W. Umlas shares a quick tip to improve your Grateful Leadership in this teaser.

Design Thinking can Change the Role of Management

Vice President of State Street, Denis Vuksav discusses how design thinking can change the role in management.

The Importance of Disruption

Founder and CEO of Mercy Project, Chris Fields, explains why disruption is important in your organization in this video.

Supply Chain is Important for Innovation

Jonathan Rodammer explains the importance of the supply chain in innovation in this quick teaser.

Trends You See in the Transformation of Company Culture

Rita J. King shares the trends in the transformation of company culture in this teaser.

How is AI Being Used in Organizations?

Partner Director of Program Management at Microsoft, Lance Olson, shares how AI is being used in organizations.

Your Approach to Business Agility

Agile Leadership Coach, Lyssa Adkins, shares the best way to generate insights and options for approaching Business Agility in this video.

Why is Design Thinking Becoming a Buzzword?

What is Design Thinking and why is it becoming a buzzword? Design Thinking & Innovation Expert Olympic Medalist, John K. Coyle lets you know in this teaser.

Leadership and Innovation 2020 Online Conference

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What's New In The PMBOK® Guide - Sixth Edition?

In this video, we provide a summary of the 9 most important changes in the newly released PMBOK® Guide.

How Agile Makes You An Effective Project Manager

Have you ever felt overwhelmed working on your project? This isn't about your lack of productivity, but it's just that you're missing a piece of the puzzle!

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Discover how an IIL Partnership can Benefit Your Organization

E. LaVerne Johnson shares with you the benefits of partnering with IIL.

What are the benefits of eLearning?

Join Kandice to discover the benefits of digital education.

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