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IIL's Thought Leadership

The Key to Communicate Effectively in a Globally Diverse World

With Dr. Diane Hamilton
Founder and CEO Tonerra

Building Healthy Teams One Story at a Time

With Mark Cruth
Modern Work Evangelist

Ways You Can Improve Teamwork and Collaboration

With Dr. Edward J. Hoffman
CEO of Knowledge Strategies, LLC,
Senior Lecturer at Columbia University

Communication in Project Management

With Dr. Laurence Prusak
Former Communications Consultant to Hoffman at NASA

Collaborative Learning in Project Management

With Matthew Kohut
Former Strategy Consultant to Hoffman at NASA

Leadership and Change Agility

With Jane Morgan
Senior Consultant / Leadership Coach, IIL
Plan.Coach.Succeed Ltd

Emotional Intelligence

With Dr. Al Zeitoun
IIL Instructor,

Disruptive Change

With Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez
HBR Author, Professor, Advisor, Thought Leader Projects & Co, Strategy Implementation Institute

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