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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Project Management - Decision Support

By Dr. Michael Shick, MSPM, PMP, CSM


The revolutionary potential of AI in reshaping project management is truly immense. From optimizing decision-making processes to providing data-driven insights, AI has the potential to transform traditional project management methods. It can enhance efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, thus leading to improved project outcomes. As organizations continue to navigate their journey towards AI-driven project management, they must remain adaptive, proactive, and ethically conscious, ensuring that technology enhances, not replaces, human expertise and judgment.

About the Author

Michael Shick

By Dr. Michael Shick, MSPM, PMP, CSM

Dr. Michael J. Shick, MSPM, PMP, CSM, founder of ROSEMET, is a combat-wounded warrior and retired senior military officer turned esteemed academic and project management expert. Holding a doctorate from Creighton University and serving as an Assistant Professor at Western Carolina University, Dr. Shick’s dedication goes beyond credentials, as he commits to empowering individuals and organizations toward project excellence. With an extensive military, academic, and project leadership background, he epitomizes resilience, expertise, and a steadfast devotion to fostering growth and success in others.

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