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The Experience Culture – Pathway to Project Management Evolution

With Dr. Al Zeitoun

About the Webinar

Some organizational cultures focus on command and control of the hierarchy. The result is that only executives can initiate certain activities and make critical decisions. Frontline workers have little or no authority and/or power to solve customers’ problems in a novel way. Executives that are rewarded for meeting budgets and deadlines may be afraid of disruptions from new ideas. Executives may not know how to overcome resistance to changes resulting from innovation or new ideas. Experience cultures focus on ensuring international and effective collaboration is at the center of ways of working.

All companies sooner or later may come up with a few brilliant ideas that lead to success. But the companies that are highly successful have a continuous stream of brilliant ideas largely due to a culture which supports innovation and creative problem-solving.

This webinar will explore the critical changes that organizations are facing as they shape their future experience culture. The pathway of project management evolution is built on the strategic value project management is taking and this is leading to rethinking operational models, ways of working, and the next mindsets.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand what creates an experience culture and its importance for future organizations
  • Recognize the critical facets of a good culture and the need for cultural change
  • Explain the factors causing project management culture issues
  • Describe the characteristics related to cultural innovation
  • Identify the steps needed to transfer from the current project management culture to future project management cultures

This webinar will provide up to 1.0 PDU.


Al Zeitoun - Picture

Dr. Al Zeitoun
Dr. Zeitoun is a business optimization and operational performance excellence expert with global experience in strategy execution, portfolio, program and project management. His experiences encompass leading organizations; developing their Enterprise Program Management Offices (EPMOs); guiding systematic Methodology implementations; and successfully executing complex global mega infrastructure, IT and manufacturing strategies. Furthermore, he has directed leadership education, research activities, and curricula of institutions worldwide.

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