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Integrating Artificial Intelligence
into Agile Project Management

By Dr. Leon Herszon, Ph.D.


This White Paper provides an overview into how Artificial Intelligence is reshaping agile project management. As AI technologies mature, they offer tools for enhancing decision-making processes, automating routine tasks, and personalizing stakeholder interactions. This fusion of AI with agile methodologies not only augments the efficiency of processes but also helps in navigating the complexities of modern project demands more effectively.

About the Author

Leon Herszon Ph.D

Dr. Leon Herszon

Dr. Leon Herszon is the Head of IIL Consulting (a division of International Institute for Learning, Inc.), a results-oriented and client-focused consulting firm. He performed roles as executive and managing director, Chief Agility Officer, entrepreneur, portfolio, program and project director, business transformation leader, and corporate educator. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the prestigious Rutgers Business School.

Dr. Herszon has experience leading teams to improve performance and manage business transformation focused on agility, transparency, teamwork, experimentation, and innovation. His doctoral research explored factors that contribute to project complexity and proposed a model to manage complexity. Dr. Herszon can communicate in English, French, Portuguese, German, and Spanish, and is also a several times Ironman triathlon finisher.

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