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The Role of Stability in Promoting Change Agility 

Jane Morgan

Sr. Consultant & Coach
International Institute for Learning (IIL)
Jane Morgan

About the Presentation

What has stability got to do with change agility, the ability to “quickly and successfully implement change in an organization”? 

In my coaching work with change leaders, many of whom are also part-time athletes, I have found results come from helping them leverage the complementary elements of stability/balance along with focusing on agility/activity.  

Where agility is balanced with and tempered by stability, the effect is almost always enhanced performance – both athletically as well as in their role as project change leaders.   

In this session, we’ll look at what stability and agility in the project change leadership space look like. We’ll examine how stability and agility can be of benefit, and who can best benefit from these behavioral elements. We’ll explore how, through a more attuned understanding, you can optimize the balance between the two elements, enabling delivery of the full benefits of any program of change.  

Key Takeaways

  • A simple assessment tool for gauging your personal stability/agility balance and tips to optimize this balance 
  • Five clues that the stability/agility balance in your change projects needs adjusting 
  • Ten ways you can create the optimum balance of stability and agility in your change project teams and programs  

About Jane Morgan

Jane Morgan is a Senior Consultant / Coach with IIL, CEO of Plan.Coach.Succeed Ltd. and co-founder of the 8020 Excellerate™ leadership development program. Her specialties include coaching and developing change leaders at all levels of the organization; consulting on complex organizational change initiatives including enterprise agile PM rollouts, business transformation projects and merger/acquisition change programs. In her spare time, she’s an avid open-water swimmer, and increasingly curious about the link between preparing for endurance activities and agility in the business environment.