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Kanban: What is it and How Can I Implement It?

By Keith Wilson


Are you trying to implement an Agile/Scrum methodology and it is just not a good fit? Potential problems might be because 1) your team is too small; 2) your deliverables are not conductive to incremental release; or 3) you perhaps have a continuous flow of work such as IT trouble ticket or customer support services.

If any of these scenarios apply, you should consider Kanban, an alternative Agile approach.

Kanban literally means “signboard,” “billboard,” or “signal card” in Japanese. It is a system that balances demands for work with available capacity using Work in Process (WIP) limits and a “pull” system, similar to just in time (JIT) inventory methods. It provides a simple method for visualizing, measuring, and optimizing the flow of work. Most importantly, at the crux of Kanban, is ongoing improvement of your existing process.

About the Author:

Keith Wilson
Keith Wilson MBA, B.COMM., PMP, MCP, MCT, CSM, CSPO, KMP, SPC) is a Senior Consultant and Trainer with IIL. His background includes over 25 years of successful coaching, training, management, and consulting experience. He is well-known for his public skills and enthusiasm, and he has been a welcomed facilitator at numerous Fortune 500 corporations, universities, and associations worldwide.

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