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Why attend International Project Management Day?

Are you looking for a convenient, flexible, sustainable, and cost- effective way of learning for a fraction of the price? If so, IIL's IPM Day 2023 is exactly what you’re looking for! With 5 compelling Keynotes, Live Q+A sessions, 20+ presentations, and countless networking opportunities, the possibilities are endless!

Who should attend?

  • Project Manager’s looking to gain new skills, maintain PMP certifications, and elevate their careers.
  • Leaders who wish to learn how to best support their teams.
  • Business analysts who collaborate closely with project managers.
  • Consultants and contractors who provide project management services to their organizations.
  • Students and Aspiring Project Managers who can gain exposure to real-world projects and expand their professional network.
  • Anyone looking to leverage project management skills, elevate their leadership skills, power skills, or learn more about implementing technologies ethically and sustainably.


Our virtual conference platform offers interactive features such as a networking lounge, discussion forums, and live Q&A sessions. Engage directly with speakers, panelists, and fellow attendees, fostering meaningful connections and forging valuable partnerships that can elevate your professional journey.


Say goodbye to expensive flights, accommodation, and dining expenses. Our virtual conference allows you to participate in world-class sessions and engage with industry experts without breaking the bank. By eliminating travel costs, we make attending accessible to a wider audience, ensuring that valuable knowledge and insights are within reach for all.


Forget about battling rush-hour traffic or dealing with long airport queues. With our virtual conference, attending is as simple as logging in from your computer or mobile device. No matter where you are in the world, you can conveniently access a wide range of sessions, connect with peers, and explore additional learning resources, all with just a few clicks.


By choosing to attend IPM Day, you're actively reducing your carbon footprint. Say farewell to excessive paper usage, transportation emissions, and other wasteful practices. Embrace sustainability by participating in an eco-friendly event that aligns with your values.

Need help getting approval?

Use our helpful template to help your boss understand the benefit of attending International Project Management Day 2023!

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