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Why Project Teams Frequently Fail at Brainstorming

By Dr. Harold Kerzner, PhD


How often have we heard executives and project managers say, “We need to come up with some new ideas” or “We need to find some elegant solutions to this project problem”?

The project manager then sends out e-mails to all the team members with the hope of filling every available seat in a conference room with the belief that the more people that attend, the greater the number of ideas generated. The session may be virtual or onsite. Brainstorming sessions can exist anytime during the life cycle of a project where there is a large or small decision to be made.

When the sessions work as planned, participants may feel elated in the creativity that they participated in. However, for some, they may experience feelings of anxiety, a loss of empowerment and even a hatred of the upcoming meeting based upon past experiences in such sessions.

This white paper will explore why project teams frequently fail at brainstorming, and what you can do to get the most out of your brainstorming sessions.

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About the Author:

Dr. kerzner - Picture
Dr. Harold Kerzner
Harold Kerzner (M.S., Ph.D., Engineering, and M.B.A) is IIL’s Senior Executive Director for Project Management. He is a globally recognized expert on project management and strategic planning, and the author of many best-selling textbooks. His latest book is Innovation Project Management: Methods, Case Studies, and Tools for Managing Innovation Projects (Wiley, 2019).

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