Arno Delhij

Co-Author of the eduScrum Guide and eduScrum Trainer

Turning Education Upside Down

Our world is transforming at a rapid and exponential rate. The adoption rate for new inventions is ever decreasing and requires flexible and responsive organizations with people with the right skills rather than with knowledge. Although, when we look at schools we still see the remains of an industrial age, while we have already moved to an information age and now about to enter the age of creativity. This is not so in schools, students are still sitting in rows like factory lines and only required to come up with a single right answer as provided by the teacher.

Teachers are no longer the owners of the “well of information”. Information is abundant and it is a challenge to deal with that. Creativity is needed to come up with new approaches and insights. That’s what our children will need when they enter the market. Many schools know that they will have to do something with 21st century skills but very few are successful in making it happen.

EduScrum, a framework adapted from Scrum, has already baked in some of the 21st century skills and can provide guidance for other skills to be used. A shift is needed to help students to develop as human beings, and let them make progress in their personal qualities.

As Jeff Sutherland, one of the founding fathers of Scrum, recently said at Scrum Day Germany where the students from a Dutch college shared their experiences with EduScrum; “there’s millions of children sitting in rows just hoping to get out of the ‘class’ and these kids (EduScrum students) are gonna free the children of the world”.