Erik Krisko

Consultant and Enterprise Agility Coach

From Freight Train to Air Plane: The Automotive Transformation

The Auto Industry is a very top heavy, slow moving, traditional business. This is not only reflected in the way that companies develop products, but also in the way that companies support the culture of their workers. I will discuss how one of the largest automotive companies on Earth is transforming themselves from a traditional manufacturing business to a technology company that makes cars, and how they are working to change the culture of their workforce to one driven by empowerment.



Erik is an Enterprise Agile Coach that has worked with some of the largest brands in the world, across multiple industries. On his way to being a coach and leader in Enterprise Transformation, Erik has experienced a multitude of different roles across the spectrum, and been an educator and mentor to many on their own journey. His passion is not just supporting organizational agility as a means to achieve business outcomes and objectives, but clearing a path to greatness for the people that make it all possible.