Dhruv Rajput

Craig Kilford

Founder & CEO,

Dhruv Rajput

David Cosloy

Founder & CEO,
Bastien Advisory Group

Choose Your Adventure

A company’s strategy is a map for an adventure into the unknown. Craig and David talk about the way companies choose their strategic adventures and the importance of a nimble/agile focus on the four aspects that help keep companies going in the right direction.

  1. STRATEGY: How do companies choose where they want to go? – speed, choices, market changes.
  2. SKILLS: How do skills keep up and fuel our transformation adventure? – pivoting, skills for start up.
  3. PEOPLE: What are the people aspects? – rewards, collaborations, soft skills or business skills.
  4. TECH: Use of technology – how do we use technology to help drive us on the adventure?


Bio - Craig Kilford

Whether it’s designing the world’s most widely adopted portfolio management methodology, unique algorithms that measure the trustworthiness of training courses, or helping Mayors increase feelings of well-being across entire cities, Craig thrives on creating structures and communities that facilitate positive change.

Craig is the founder of CourseConductor.com; a training analytics and learning review platform that uses patent-pending algorithms and machine learning to help companies automatically select the best training for their talent.

Beyond being a published author, entrepreneur and born again statistician, he’s also an artist and has painted music live on stage alongside many of the world’s greatest musicians

Bio - David Cosloy

Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Bastien Advisory Group, David Cosloy is an executive with 20 years of cumulative leadership from JPMorgan, Deloitte, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He has led the transformation and change efforts at over 40 top organizations and served as the Chief Operating Officer for a 1,200 person business.

Bastien Advisory Group consults regularly with Fortune 50 organizations. We also partner with high growth companies. Our solutions are measurable, as the firm looks to enable change that is sustainable for businesses.

Bastien Advisory Group provides strategic and operating expertise for organizations during times of change, working tirelessly to foster clients’ growth, while shielding clients from struggle. Focus is placed on disciplined strategic planning, streamlining costs, management of internal and/or external risks, and efficiency during transformation.