Maria Ebro

Head of Change & Transformation, Agile@Scale

Danske Bank

Why Agile Will Change your Organization’s DNA

Did you ever try to implement a strategy towards empowerment, transparency, collaboration and efficiency? Did you write it into your strategy and nice PowerPoints? Did you host management presentations, write articles and maybe even roll-out your new strategy through some management workshops and dialogues? … all to have absolutely nothing change at the receiving end of your organization? Well, you have heard it before - culture eats strategy for breakfast.

So why is agile different? My point is that agile development will change the way the organisation thinks – from an individual to the entire organisation. By using the knowledge we have about learning from the world of psychology, I will show you how agile affects the entire foundation of your thinking and your culture - hereby changing the cultural DNA of your organization.

For an Agile transformation to truly succeed, a number of elements must be in place. In this talk, I will introduce you to the psychology and transformation theory behind cultural and behavioral change and what you should be aware of when implementing, to ensure you reap the benefits of the agile transformation.



Maria Ebro is heading the Change & Transformation team in the largest Agile Transformation in Scandinavia. With a master’s degree in Psychology and Philosophy, a coaching degree, and SAFe, Scrum and Organizational Development Certificates in her backpack, her energy and focus lies on how transforming the organization and implementing Agile is really about changing how people act and think – it is about changing the culture of the organization.